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Life gets so crazy and we get so busy taking care of every body else, we don’t take good care of ourselves. With Valentines Day just behind us, give yourself a little love. If you still have weight loss or nutritional needs we are here to help you improve your health as well as your appearance. -Dr Jennifer Whirley-Diaz

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Weight Loss is a Journey, Find Your Motivation

I had an interesting patient recently. She has been making steady progress in our Very Low Calorie Program and has lost 35 pounds. At today’s appointment she had not lost any weight over the past two weeks. It became apparent during our conversation that she had not been following the program as she had been previously.

What happened? What changed?

Portions were too big; food was not prepared in the healthiest fashion. Why the change in behavior? It was clear the degree of motivation had changed. At the beginning of the program she was having many negative feelings about her appearance and health. Now, as these are both improving, she was losing her drive even though she is still not at a healthy weight.

The focus, the motivation, now needs to become more positive in nature. She needs to enjoy the fact that she looks and feels so much better, but understand that the feelings of joy and accomplishment will only get better as she approaches her weight loss goals.

What will she do to change her thinking?

So…she’s going to buy a pair of pants one size too small and try them on every morning. There is an upcoming event at work that we set an intermediate goal of losing 10 pounds for it. She is going to watch some workout/weight loss videos to refresh her memory of the goals she can reach if she continues diligently in the program.

Where can you find your motivation?

People find motivation in all kinds of places. Maybe a supportive friend or family member can get you back on track. Perhaps a more spiritual outreach is what you need. Frequently just making a list of the benefits of losing weight will remind you of your initial motivation.

Look for it in these positive areas so you don’t get back to the place where negative feelings about yourself are the driving force. Good luck.

-Dr Jennifer Diaz

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Affirmation: something declared to be true, a positive statement or judgment….

thinkpositiveEvery experience is an opportunity to grow and learn. Even if you have had unsuccessful weight loss experiences in the past, you learned what you didn’t like and what didn’t work for you. Sometimes what is stopping you, is you. We all face internal struggles that affect us inside and out. I encourage you to affirm that your health and wellness will improve this year.

Every weight loss equation has a solution and you can count on us to help you find it.

Looking forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey.


Here at MOMI Weight Loss we will grow and learn with you. As specialists in medically supervised weight-loss, we will find the program that does work for you and make this lifestyle change as easy as possible.


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Wishing You Health and Happiness for 2014

I have wasted so much time in my life. And the worst waste was spending time being unhappy with myself. When you look at yourself critically there are only two responses…I love myself the way I am or…I don’t like (enter your own issue) and I’m going to do something about it. It’s that simple.
I always tell my children that” youth is wasted on the young.” How true is that! I look back at pictures and recall that I thought I looked old, or overweight, or whatever. But I was just fine. I was healthy and happy and that was all that mattered. I assume that if you are on our site that you are thinking about making a change. Make sure it is the right time for you and that you are ready. Otherwise, embrace who and what you are and love yourself just the way you are.
We want you to be healthy. If we can help you move in that direction, it will be a joy for us.
Wishing you health and happiness.
P.S. Let 2014 be the year of you! Join us on January 8 from 4-7:30pm for our Wellness Open House
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